Game concept and approach

This game is my first project on the Unreal Editor. It is a Horror FPS game where the aim is to cross the level while surviving hordes of zombies. Lets Start!


Concept Outline

So the basic storyline of the game is that a soldier with his battalion was ordered to check a park for suspicious activity. Upon further investigation it was revealed that a mutation spread through a nearby hospital, turning all the patients into mindless killing machines. By the time, the troop realized the imminent danger it was too late. Only one soldier was able to make it back to the edge of the park. Now, he is stuck at the entrance of a huge park arena that is infested with flesh-eating zombies. He has to cross the humongous region on his own. No reinforcements are coming. No one is coming to save him. All he has for a companion is his AK-47 Rifle which has about a hundred bullets that will barely suffice. On the other hand, the zombies have numbers on their sides. As they prowl the grounds for their next victim, they change their positions on their own. They might not have a keen sense of sound but their sight doesn't waver, even in the dark. Will our soldier be able to make it out alive or is the dying of light indicate his end too?


The Protagonist

screenshot-www mixamo com-2021 08 22-10_59_04

This is our protagonist a.k.a the soldier. As it can be clearly seen, he has stealthy armor protecting him. This armor in the game is his first line of defense against the horde. His armor has another great quality, it is regenerative. It takes damage from the enemy but also starts to regain its strength. The only downside is that it recovers at a fairly slow rate and it is preferred to escape and regain, rather than to lose health, which unlike the armor cannot regenerate. Our protagonist can run at a fairly high speed but if the player chooses to sprint, he loses the ability to shoot while sprinting. In the dark expanse, he has a flashlight which comes in handy when fighting alone. It is very useful but has a low brightness, only illuminating a little of the surroundings. They also attract the attention of the zombies, so it must be used with caution.


screenshot-www mixamo com-2021 08 22-11_07_10

All the inmates of the hospital now roam the park in the dark, waiting in silence. Due to the mutation, the zombies can hear very clearly and can be easily evaded. Their sight however is another matter entirely. These abominations can see to a large distance and can pursue their target to a fair amount of distance. All in all, it is better to resort to the discretion with these creatures.



Haha ! A controls related joke. Now, then moving on... Screenshot (311) Screenshot (312) Screenshot (313)

Pickup Items

1. Rifle Ammo


The rifle ammo is the only thing that can help you fight back against the undead. Each of these contain a 100 bullets that may prove life saving in the game. It is in the shape of a magazine and can be clearly spotted because it glows with a blinding white light. To see it clearly the size has been enlarged so as to not miss these essentials

2. Painkillers


This is like a more Max Payne-type concept. These are the life-saving drugs that can replenish the health of the player. One pickup fills up the entire health bar. Yeah Hard to believe, right?

giphy (1)

These pickups are the only way to regain health lost in combat. Because of their importance, they are hard to come by.

Approaching the Game

Now that the basic setting and rules are clear, here is the idea I had in mind while developing the game. As aforementioned, the game is the story of the survival of a soldier. It is not a Zombie freak game where there is unlimited ammo. The basic concept is that the player will never have tons of resources and communication to gun down every last one of the undead. The aim is only to survive through the humongous and beautifully built map. One thing to note is that the clip size is wasted when reloaded i.e. if you still have bullets left in the magazine and you reload, the ammo in that magazine will be lost. So be wary of when and how to use your gun! And clearly, this is the cue for Al Pacino fans who had ambitions to be Scarface to leave the chat! Sorry folks! Ciao Adios. as this........ giphy

It Will definitely not work. The idea is to conserve as much ammo and health as possible and make it through.

Word From The Creator

Hi Guys! This game definitely took up a lot of time and because of the large map, there might be some bugs that you might face. I sincerely apologize for this. Firstly, there is the crosshair placement. Due to some problem in the Widget Blueprint, the crosshair is a bit to the right of the actual muzzle. The rifle's actual aim is t the left and you will be clearly able to see where the bullets go if you turn on the flashlight. For the above issue, I have provided a magazine at the start of the game to test the same. Also if it is much of an issue, the aim down sight will help you get the aim spot on.

Secondly, the water bodies are deadly for the player in one way or the other. The player will sink to the bottom if he/she choses to go far into the lake. I thank you guys for taking out precious time from your schedule and trying my game. All suggestions are welcome

Best of Luck !!



Knight-light out

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