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A soldier with his battalion was ordered to check a park for suspicious activity. Upon further investigation it was revealed that a mutation spread through a nearby hospital, turning all the patients into mindless killing machines. By the time, the troop realized the imminent danger it was too late. Only one soldier was able to make it back to the edge of the park. Now, he is stuck at the entrance of a huge park arena that is infested with flesh-eating zombies. He has to cross the humongous region on his own. No reinforcements are coming. No one is coming to save him. All he has for a companion is his AK-47 Rifle which has about a hundred bullets that will barely suffice. On the other hand, the zombies have numbers on their sides. As they prowl the grounds for their next victim, they change their positions on their own. They might not have a keen sense of sound but their sight doesn't waver, even in the dark. Will our soldier be able to make it out alive or is the dying of light indicate his end too?


  • WASD keys to move
  • SPACE BAR  to jump
  • hold SHIFT to run
  • CTRL key to crouch
  • Click to shoot
  • R to reload
  • F for Flashlight

Please read the Devlog to get more insights into the game, its development, and issues. Thank you!  Kshitij Tiwari

Google Drive Download link

Development log

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